We have all been there. The rising number of employees off over the summer months – especially now the kids have finished school until September – means some departments will be lacking in numbers and some work could get left behind.

One area you cannot afford to let this happen in is the back office, especially payroll. Employees will forgive many things, but not having their wages hit their accounts at the right time is not one of them. Not only would it mean many people are missing mortgage or rent payments for that month, but it would also create mistrust between employees and management. Once trust is lost, it is not easy to get back.

Ensuring you have enough staff to cover all areas is difficult during these months. With sick leave, particularly Covid continuing to be an issue with team members needing to take time off, you need a backup plan.

Emergency cover

While you may never need to use it, you should ensure you have some emergency cover in place just in case you face a crisis at short notice. You can do this by training staff to do a different job within the office so they can step in if needed, or you can speak to your accountant and find out if they could give you the assistance you need for the short term if things go wrong.

Never underestimate the importance of admin staff.

You are not getting away from your back-office and admin staff being key to running your business efficiently. Without them, all sorts of problems would arise that could create some costly errors for the company as a whole.

So, ensure they have all the backup they need as you come into a period where many staff are off on their holidays, and the workload becomes a more significant burden for those left behind.

We can help you meet your obligations.

If you think you may have difficulties covering all of your admin and back-office roles over the summer, please get in touch, and we can help suggest solutions for you.